Royal Veiga Factory

Besides the building of the Royal Textile Factory, the University of Beira Interior has also another historical building, the Royal Veiga Factory that has been subjected to an architectonic intervention with the aim of establishing a new museological nucleus, the Museum headoffice and the Documentation Centre / Archive.

It is a building made of granite ashlars masonry, located near the Goldra Stream, in Covilhã, which was built by José Mendes Veiga and which business-related activity occurred between the end of the 18th century and the beginning of the 20th century.

This new nucleus, which is currently in a musealisation stage, intends to represent the technological evolution that took place in the wool manufacturing domain, during the 19th and 20th centuries. According to the musealisation project and programme that are being conducted, a significant collection of manufacturing remains have already been gathered.

In April 2005, the remodelled complex of the Royal Veiga Factory (Wool Manufacture Interpretation Centre) was inaugurated. There, the Museum headoffice, the Wool Industrialisation Nucleus (19th – 20th centuries) and the Documentation Centre/Archive are settled. 

The Permanent Exhibition is foreseen to open to the public during the year 2008.

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  • Royal Veiga Factory | Wool Industrialisation Nucleus - Permanent Exhibition - Apresenta It presents the Preparing, Spinning, Weaving and Finishing sections, through which we try to exalt the technological evolution…

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Consult Plan of the Royal Veiga Factory Nucleus.