The Wool Museum of the University Beira Interior, UBI, has become set in the national museologic panorama, due to its clear definition of its specific mission, which is slowly been accomplished guided by the lemma, the threads from the past weaving the future, aiming the safeguard and the active preservation of textile industry patrimony. The testimonies preservation of an activity that structures the territory where the Museum is set in, like the wool activity, linked to the research and the technology disclosure that go with the textile industrialisation process and to the interpretation of its spatial and organisational context, constitute the slopes in which the Museum vocation is founded.

Scope Project [
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Aims [Read +]

The wool: a living patrimony - The wool, a vehicle of cultures, can be found in men’s history in all the crossroads of civilisations... [Read +]

Wool Route - From all the European cultural itineraries and due to an historical and touristic significance, a route is stressed that spans both the economical path of wool as a raw-material and the touristic path... [Read +]

The industrial patrimony - Until the 18th – 19th Century, Covilhã was an important centre in Beira Interior region, polarising a scattered production of woollen cloths... [Read +]