Project Scope

The Wool Museum of the University of Beira Interior is the leader of the Communitarian Project TRANSLANA, approved in April 23rd, 2003 within the framework of INTERREG III A – Cooperation Programme cross-border Portugal-Spain (SPA.222).

Besides the Lead Partner, the University of Beira Interior/Wool Museum For Spain there are the Consorcio Museu Vostell (Malpartida de Cáceres) and the Asociación para el Desarrollo de la Comarca Tajo-Salor-Almonte-Tagus (Casar de Cáceres), there are other entities which are partners of this project like the City Hall of Covilhã, the Serra da Estrela Tourism Region (Covilhã), the Nature Preservation Institute (Lisbon) and the Serra da Estrela Natural Park (Manteigas), for Portugal.

The TRANSLANA Project aims to deepen and link together the cross-border research on the wool peninsular routes and the transhumance paths – assaying their anthropological approach – besides safeguarding the existing archaeological/industrial field evidences and conducting the musealisation of the industrial patrimony in the intervention areas: Beira Interior (Portugal) and Extremadura (Spain). Moreover, regarding the human and patrimonial resources existing among the involved partners in both sides of the border, it is intended to turn them fruitful by exposing and clarifying the historical significance of the wool industry at a peninsular level and contributing to the development of the regions comprised in this project.

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