Public transportation

  • Bus:
    Castelo Branco, Coimbra, Guarda, Lisbon and Porto
  • Train:
    Intercidades (Lisbon /Entroncamento/Covilhã and Covilhã/Entroncamento/ Lisbon; Entroncamento/Porto - Porto/Entroncamento);
    Regional (Guarda/Coimbra and Coimbra/Guarda; Guarda/Covilhã and Covilhã/Guarda; Castelo-Branco/Covilhã and Covilhã/Castelo-Branco)


The Museum has its own Parking-Place at the Royal Veiga's Factory nucleus available under a request made at the reception desk.

Accessibilities for the Disabled

The Wool Museum offers the legal accessibilities conditions for the disabled moving in wheelchairs, making available the access to the parking-place of UBI, under a request made at the reception desk. The museum is equipped with access ramps and a mechanical chair to overcome difference in level existing in an historical building like the Royal Textile Factory which has been classified as Nation Cultural Heritage. The Royal Veiga's Factory building has a lift which allows people to move between the several floors.