Textile Catalogue

The Wool Museum of UBI makes available on-line the Textile Catalogue Arqueotex.

The Textile Catalogue Arqueotex presents a vast textile collection that is part of a huge diversity of textile samples produced in the 20th Century by several companies which business was the textile industry, meanwhile, they have already been shut down.

The created collection stands out for its high technique refinement and quality. It was created between 1936 and 1968, by a French textile technician, René Ferdinand Delimbeuf, settled in Portugal during that time. It has more than 35.000 textile samples; with their own drawings, divided into seasons of autumn/winter and spring/summer, from 1936 to 1963.

The best pattern items are here revealed like cheviot items for men (English type) and items for ladies, from which we point out the crepes (roman, georgette, moroccan, mousse, gauze and ottoman), the gauzes, the double-faces, the duvetyn, the Scottish plaid, the felts, the fantasies, the fresh, the tricotine, the flannel, the tweed and the wool velvets, both combed and carded, which were a safe source of inspiration for the new textile creators.

It is also aimed to all of those who appreciate fashion, study its evolution, the contemporary history or search reasons to be inspired for the most varied activity branches.


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