This service can be provided, by request and in agreed conditions, for public and private entities, national or international, and it develops into the domains related to the Wool Museum. mission: the safeguard and active preservation of the textile industry patrimony, as well as the research and disclosure of technology associated both to the manufacture and to the textile industrialisation

It is important to emphasise that this is predominantly a diagnostic service, of planning and supervision of interventions, but not their operational execution.

The most request consultation activities:

  • Technical support of autarchies, researchers and other external entities involved in the study, inventorying and classification of the industrial patrimony;
  • Technical support of projects for the installation of museums and/or museological nucleus/poles at a regional and local level;
  • Technical support of touristic courses plans to outline in the Wool Route scope, in the Region of Serra da Estrela and Beira Interior and, subsequent contribution to the edition of touristic leaflets as a measure to rise in value the tourism and develop the cultural, natural and regional patrimony.

Any interested entity in these or any other services will have to write to the Wool Museum. , briefly describing the type of assistance that you want

In case that the request for technique support and consultation is justified, which depends on the time spent, it is from the Wool Museum competence to propose the service payment, according to Tabela Price-list of the Technique Support Service and Consultation.