Educational Service

The Educational Service of the Wool Museum of the University of Beira Interior has as its main aim the disclosure of the textile patrimony that exists in it, namely, the patrimony of technique nature, like equipments, models as well as the documental and photographic information, contributing to move the younger public to the importance of the history, the culture, the science and the techniques linked to the textile industry.
 It is specially directed to schools (teachers and students), as well as to all who want to develop activities related to this theme, to the region or the city of Covilhã, through a pedagogic support combined with activities and guided tours.
The Wool Museum now affords guided tours to the Royal Textile Factory nucleus, from Tuesday to Sunday, and exceptionally, to the Royal Veiga Factory nucleus, from Monday to Friday. These tours are for the schools or groups and organisations that asked for them, in an agreed schedule.
The educational service also organises pedagogic activities asked by the teachers to support school programmes, in areas like the history of the city, the industrial patrimony, the textile technologies, the preservation and restoration, the archive and documental research. The workshop/ateliers, aimed to a juvenile and adult public, also allow making available a set of craft equipments for the cloth production and understand the technical processes of drawing and textile production (dyeing, spinning and weaving).
The Educational Service is responsible for the planning and the supervision of the different activities organised by the Museum and that request the personal contact with different people that visit the institution.
It is also of this service competence, the production of the necessary contents for the execution of instruments in the textile training area so that the Museum collection is disclosed and animated in a more efficient and productive way.

In a process of education throughout the life, the Museums are privileged participants of culture and creativity places. Besides the themes presented in this site, the teacher can also find pedagogic materials and activities clues which can be worked out with the students.



Cultural animation

  • Conferences meetings and debates of scientific nature in the archaeology and industrial patrimony area.
  • Support of external cultural demonstrations;
  • Reception of events that strengthens the knowledge of the city, Serra da Estrela region and Covilhã, the archaeology and the industrial patrimony and textile activity sector;
  • Disclosure of the museologic patrimony and its archives kept by the Museum;
  • Organisation and assemblage of temporary exhibitions,


  • Scientific studies edition about archaeology and industrial patrimony;
  • Edition of documental sources;
  • Edition of guidebooks, inventories and catalogues.


  • Guided tours for individual visitors or small groups;
  • Guided tours for groups of students (since the Kindergarten to the university) or other groups with 10 or more people, lasting in average 60 minutes, with a previous booking, including the screening of a documental film;
  • Textile workshops (educational ateliers for young people of the several teaching degrees and, specially, college students from the textile design area, teachers and staff of the UBI and the public in general);
  • Support of school activities related to the projects Museum-Archive/School/milieu;
  • Individual training courses as a factor of future patrimonial valuation and preservation;
  • Support and guidance of professional and non-professional trainings in areas as Museology, Archive, Textile and Preservation and Restoration.

If you intend to book a visit to the Wool Museum of the University of Beria Interior, you can do it on-line using our visit form.


Telephone number 
275 319 724 (from Monday to Friday) | 275 329257 (on weekends)
275 319 712
The activities with the support of the Educational Service need to be booked. To book a visit, you need to give the following information: name and phone number of the entity, name and phone number of the responsible for the group; number of participants; group characteristics; intended theme.
Group bookings: 15 days in advance.
Schedule: from Monday to Friday, 09.00-12.30 and 14.00-17.30.