The Wool Museum will afford, as much as possible, the possessed information, to the researchers that demand it, and that want to use it in their presentations or publications. 
In case that the researcher or an institution wants to use information assigned by the Wool Museum or pictures of pieces and documentation belonging to the Museum, a written request must be made. In this request, the person will have to formally engage in mentioning the authorship of the available material, according to the legislation in force related to the author’s copyright.
The Wool Museum makes available at the Reference/Consultation Room Guides and Inventories needed for the documental research and the presential consultation.
The Wool Museum advises and guides the research related to themes as archaeology and industrial patrimony, through the supply of generic guidance of research or information about the funds available and/or the most appropriate for the intended research, about the legal norms and other access conditions, about its organisation and preservation condition, about the research of historic sources existing at the Documentation Centre/Archive, the supply of specific bibliographies, answer to the users questions and support in the making of scientific works.

The non-presential researches at the documental funds kept by the Documentation Centre/Archive, with the aim of fulfilling the research needs of the readers or other private or public entities, individuals or collective that cannot be present to research, may be achieved by the human resources of the Wool Museum, but it will depend on their availability and it will have costs that are in the Price-list of Support Services and Research, which depend on the time spent researching, even if the desired result has not been achieved by the person who required the service.