Textile Workshops

The Textile Workshop is a craft experimentation area settled in the Royal Veiga Factory. Its aim is to make available the realization of training courses, traineeships and ateliers of textile nature for the children and youngster of different teaching levels, from the kindergarten to university, especially college students in the textile design area as well as the people in general.

The Wool Museum makes available at the textile workshop booked in advance, under the theme The Spinning and Weaving Art – learning the craft techniques of working the wool. We disposes several equipments used in carding (models of carding and combing cards) spinning (spinning wheel models) and weaving (models of table looms, plain looms and dobby looms), which may be handled and be part of school tours.

The Wool Museum, on its own initiative or on external entities requests, organises Workshops of Craft Weaving, for groups from 5 to 10 people, for Initiation to the craft methods of working the wool, namely to the carding, combing, spinning, weaving and basic knowledge of weave diagram.


The Textile Workshop of the Wool Museum is a privileged space for the development of professionals and non-professionals traineeship in the textile area. It has a logistic, technique and formative/informative capacity for a perfect integration and full development of competences in the domain of  conception/creation and of the technology inherent in the production process of craft textile.