Reading and Reference

The Documentation Centre/Archive of the Wool Museum has 10 places for presential consultation of archive and bibliographical documents and offers the access on-line to the Textile Catalogue ARQUEOTEX and Museologic Collection MUSLAN.

The access to the Reference/Consultation Room and to the consultation of documents from the archive and bibliographic implies the knowledge of the admission conditions and the consultation norms. [Consult here]

The Wool Museum makes available to its users the following consultation/reference services:

Documental  Research / Reference

  • Presential research of the local Instruments of Documental Descriptions (Guides, Catalogues and Inventories)
  • Replies by phone to the users questions
  • Consultation and orientation in the research
  • Bibliographies supply

Access to Documents/Information

  • Presential reading of archive and bibliographic documents
  • Access to the Textile database ARQUEOTEX (on-line research of the Textile Sample collections existing in the Wool Museum)
  • Access to the Museologic database MUSLAN (on-line  research of the Museologic collection of the Wool Museum)
  • Access to Wireless  network and Internet
  • Documents reproduction supply

Support of the user

  • Support  in the making of scientific works
  • Reading and writing transcription