Loan of Pieces

The pieces that incorporate the museologic and archivist collection of the Wool Museum . are meant for being exhibited and studied and it is not possible to grant them for exhibitions outside the Museum

Only in exceptional cases, the pieces may be granted for exhibitions outside the Museum.

We consider an exception, an exhibition that shows a particular interest for the Wool Museum or the University of Beira Interior, or when an exhibition is considered to be of fundamental importance, at a national or international level, and which ceding does not misrepresent the collection value of the Museum.

In the foreseen exceptions, the entity interested in the ceding should propose the suitable compensations, which can assume several modalities, namely:

  • Reciprocity: the interested entities compromise on the loan of other pieces, which belong to them, under the request of the Museum, to appear in exhibitions organised by the former;
  • Arts Patronage: the interested entities compromise on financing the Museum accomplishments like the edition of works related to the exhibited pieces, exhibitions, works restoration of its collection, renewal of its structure and equipments;
  • Preservation and restoration: the preservation and/or restoration of the ceded pieces will be paid by the interested entity in the ceding.

Conditions for the loan of pieces

The interested entity (petitioner) will have to bear the expenses related to the loan process, namely the packing, the assembly and transportation of the pieces and insurances.

The interested entity in the loan must use all the necessary means to guarantee the security and integrity of the pieces from their exit from the place where they are in the Museum to their return. They must take a special care with the handling, transportation and exhibition, and it might be demanded the escort of the Museum technicians in the several operations.

If the ceded pieces are damaged, it will be of the interested entity responsibility the payment of the damages.

The person responsible for taking the pieces must prove that an insurance has been made to cover all the risks, since he gets them from the Wool Museum until they return to the same place.

The entity that requires the piece must give to the Museum at least a copy of each catalogues from the exhibitions in which the Museum pieces have been exhibited.

The entity that requires the pieces is authorised to take photographic reproductions of the pieces so that they can be included in the exhibitions catalogues or guides. However, it is forbidden to use them or to cede them to be used for another aim.

When the exhibitions are over, the pieces must be returned to the Museum in the agreed date.